7 Do And Don’t For Your Laptop Care

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Do and Don't for Laptop Care

Hi guys! Many of you are aware about how important to taking care your own laptop. In this article, we from Techouz decided to share on how to improve laptop-care Do’s and don’t.

1. Do protect your laptop from dust

This is one of the greatest killers of your laptop before, today and even tomorrow. Therefore it is highly important to clean it once in a while to prevent overheating and damaging of your hardware. That’s how you do laptop care.

2. Do clean your internal hardware

This activity shall be done at least two times a year by compressed air, which is available in any computer stores. For a more thorough clean, you can take it to any local electronic shop. Externally, it should be cleaned all the time to ensure your laptop is always in a clean and neat condition.

3. Do keep liquids and food away

Remember, your laptop is not a kitchen table. So don’t eat near it while using your laptop, otherwise your food or water can fall between the keys on the keyboard. Handle your laptop with utmost care.

4. Do have clean hands when using your laptop

Dirty, oily and sticky hands are not advised for using a laptop and generally the look of your laptop keyboard is an important user interface between you and the virtual world. Make sure you have clean hands when you’re using the keys touchpad and your mouse. In fact, it’s good to give a positive impression to those who are around you about your tidiness.

5. Do insert things in out other laptop carefully

This shall be applied for you USB port normally, battery charger and thumb drive/external hard disk. Always look at the symbols on your laptop carefully before inserting devices plugging USB connectors. It’s very important to pay attention whilst doing it because you can easily scratch a device by the connectors if you are not careful. So make sure you put it in the right home. It is that important to care for your laptop.

6. Don’t leave your laptop on the bed or bed sheets

This is a very common problem that many people are unaware of. Calling your device is very important for internal hardware and life durability so it needs to be free and not blocks overheating. It is very dangerous for your laptop, beds and pillows, resulting in damaging your device in the long run.

7. Don’t leave your laptop in a visible place

Do not leave your laptop in a visible place such as in the car. It is a bad idea because this is an easy target for thieves. Learn to hide your laptop in your trunk or onto the seat so it won’t attract others. Remember smartphones tablets and laptops are all favorite loops for these kinds of people.

Actually guys, there are many do and don’t in taking care of your laptop. We will share MORE in near future. Stay tuned and do not forget to follow us at Techouz.com!

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