19 Oct 2020
MacBook and Windows Shortcut Keys

MacBook & Windows Shortcut Key Trick

After doing some research from several forums, websites and independent researchers, we believe this information will help you guys a lot! This time, we are presenting a MacBook & Windows shortcut key trick!
19 Oct 2020
Do and Don't for Laptop Care

7 Do And Don’t For Your Laptop Care

Hi guys! Many of you are aware about how important to taking care your own laptop. In this article, we from Techouz decided to share on how to improve laptop-care Do’s and don’t.
18 Oct 2020
fix overheating laptop

4 Tips To Fix Overheating Problem of Your Laptop

There are lots of articles out there about how to avoid overheating laptops and so on, this time, we will share about how to prevent or fix an overheating laptop and thus improve the performance and extend the lifespan of your computer!